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Our Services

If you are a project manager, subdivision developer, have a commercial project you need to deliver, or are doing renovations on the family home, Siteworks has the experience and the capability to deliver an integrated service, that will manage your project from start to finish.

We have experience working with schools, councils, commercial and residential property developers, as well as private home-owners. Contact us here to have a chat about your project or build and what we can do for you.



Our team specialise in subdivision projects ranging in size from one to five acres or ten to twenty lots. We have the capability to offer a full end to end solution from earthworks, trenching, drilling, piling, tipping waste, drainage and service connections, to roads and pavements.

If you are a project manager or developer, our approach enables you to work with one contractor saving you time and money.

digger engaged in earthworks

Bulk excavation & earthworks

We can complete all your commercial earthwork projects, from demolition and site clearing, to excavation, retaining, piling and reinstatement work. 

We have our own in-house earthmoving equipment, including all weather trax machines

Drainage and stormwater grate solution

Drainage, stormwater & sewerage

Our team can complete all your drainage, storm water and sewerage projects, including connections and underground services, such as power and gas - through our Directional Drilling crew. 

Freshly laid concrete driveway

Car parks

& pavements

We offer an end to end solution in the construction of carparks, driveways and pavements, including drainage, site preparation, installation and reinstatement. In addition to standard concrete and asphalt, we also install permeable concrete systems in Auckland. Click here to find out more.

Men pouring concrete foundation

Foundations & floor slabs

Our team can complete all your foundations and concrete structures,  including excavations, drilling, and pouring. 

Bobcat using hammer unit to break concrete

Demolition works

We use our rock and concrete breaker to break out existing concrete and replace with new. Our hammer unit attachment on our bobcat makes concrete removal quick and cost effective.

paving laid around swimming pool

Concrete Landscaping

Our team can design and manage your landscaping project, from installing retaining walls, shaping patios, driveways, pathways, and carparks. 

We have experience working in recreational areas and parks, shared community spaces, and school refurbishments.

We also provide permeable concrete installations, the eco-friendly alternative to traditional concrete. 

Click here to find out more.

Hydrovac excavation


Hydrovacing is a non-destructive form of excavation, which removes earth by using high pressure water and a powerful vacuum. This can be used on all ground types, such as clay, sand, and gravel.

Our team can perform safe and efficient excavating for gas, power, waterlines, fibre optic, and more. 

For rates click here.



We can install and maintain bollards outside your business premises, as well as assist you in your application for bollard installation consent from Auckland Transport.

For more information on the consent process click here.

subdivision plan aerial view
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